Regeneration Beyond Imagination ™

Regenerative Land & Vegetation Management Services

Cabriejo™ Ranch provides restoration and regenerative grazing services, focusing on utility scale Solar Farms, Wildlife Habitat Areas, & Cover Crop Harvesting, nationally. 

While healing and improving the ecological health of the soils with holistic planned grazing of cattle and sheep, in coordination with all stakeholders, Cabriejo Ranch produces American Grassfed Association and Savory’s Land to Market certified lamb and beef from our holistically managed pastures. 

We enjoy watching the natural resources within our influence flourish and regenerate, improving water infiltration and retention, increasing biodiversity & pollinator habitat, and economic output through higher stocking rates. We verify and validate the results of our impact with EOV, Ecological Outcomes Verification, a system developed by the Savory Institute.

Please contact us to see how we can potentially lower your costs of vegetation management, increase the health of your lands and add attributes to your programs like pollinator habitat, prairie restoration, wetlands health, positive publicity and other environmental benefits.

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